Longyear Megalo 38-150, Perforadoras Diamantinas

Varias unidades disponibles, diferentes configuraciones.

con y sin motor diesl. reacondicionadas, con cabezal hidráulico.

Perforadora Longyear Megalo 38-150, Fabricada en Japón

EN Mantención



Note: 1) The above specification is subject to change for improvement

without notice.

2) Drilling Capacity depends on the rock

Drilling Capacity


Drilling Capacity NQ x 565M, HQ x 375M
Normal Type Frame L Type FrameL38-150W
 Motor  11KW-4P / 18.5KW.4P  1,450 / 1,750 rpm
 Diesel  20~40 PS / 1,800 rpm
 SpindleInner Dia  145㎜(142㎜ when Hydrauril Chuck used)
Cylinder Inner Dia  89㎜
 Stroke  600㎜
 Drill Direction  360°
 Low ・ High Low High Low High
 Low 28 rpm 118 rpm 24 rpm 99 rpm
 2nd 58 rpm 241 rpm 50 rpm 208 rpm
 3rd 106 rpm 442 rpm 92 rpm 383 rpm
 Top 179 rpm 746 rpm 155 rpm 647 rpm
 Drum Hoist(Planetary Gear Type)  Drum Dia.  : 241㎜, Hoist Wire φ 16㎜×35mDrum Length : 140㎜Hoisting Speed: 15-30-56-94m/min. (at 1,450 rpm)Hoist Capacity: 4.8 ton
 Oil Pump  Variable Feed Control Pump45ℓ/min/1,000rpm,max pressure 70㎏/㎠
 Dimensions 1,160(L)×2,350(W)×1,900(H)with HAM-R Hyd’c Chuckwith 18.5KW Motor 1,170(L)×2,820(W)×1,920(H)(Base)
 Weight  2,300㎏with HAM-R Hyd’c Chuckwith 18.5KW Motor  Less Power 2,800㎏With HAM-RHydraulic Chuck


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